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Proudly Serving Bensalem, PA & Surrounding Areas
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Will your insurance pay for the costs of therapy at Bensalem Muscle Therapy?

Many people want to know whether or not their insurance will pay for the cost of therapy at Bensalem Muscle Therapy. People who have injuries related to a car accident or who have a workers' compensation claim can have their sessions covered by Massage Therapy.

Because most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of Massage Therapy, the therapist cannot bill health insurance. Medicare also does not pay for Massage Therapy. It is always worth trying to contact your own health insurance company to verify their position on this matter, as some companies will at least reimburse you in full or in part for money spent on Massage Therapy.

Most times, patients are able to use their Flexible Spending Account for Massage Therapy.

Bensalem Muscle Therapy keeps the rates for Massage Therapy services as low as possible. Considering the co-pays of other treatments and the required frequency of visits, Massage Therapy is one of the most affordable non-invasive therapies with excellent outcomes and virtually no adverse effects.